Sunday, July 15, 2012

Wait... This is also in America?

What does the 4th of July mean to us? I mean besides freedom, patriotism, heroism, honor, justice, etc, etc, etc.
The 4th is a day that we light fireworks and have barbeques. It's universal- even here in nowhere land Gustavus. Of course everything must be on a smaller scale. The parade is about 5 trucks long plus the firetruck and lasts about 20 minutes (counting when it turns around). They have festival that everyone gets involved in. They sell pies and ice cream, the fire department has a barbeque fundraiser, and there are lots of competitions. There's the egg toss, the bubble gum bubble, the horseshoe toss, etc, etc, etc. The Lindbloms have dominated the horseshoe competition every year since they came here with this year being the exception. It was a tough blow to the Gustavus Country Inn pride. All those afternoons that Jim and Curtis spent throwing shoes has come to naught. Truly- the defeat was agonizing.
The most amazing competition was the greased pole. If the tide is high enough they grease a pole with Crisco, grease up some money, place it in a slit at the end of the pole and set it over the Salmon river. If you can slide down the pole, and get the money before you fall into the river  you win. It's the most interesting 4th of July tradition I know of and by far the most entertaining.
At midnight we all gather to the beach and light the fireworks. For all of us privileged with the Lindblom's acquaintance we know that this is the climax of the summer. They had been preparing for some time, and their efforts did not come to another crushing conclusion. The fireworks were fantastic and the patriotic country music playing in the background was a real nice touch. I don't how ya'll celebrated the 4th but I don't think it could have been in better style.
P.S. Yesterday after church we saw a mama bear with three cubs walking around about 12 yards from the window we were staring out. It was national geographic amazing. That is what people come to Alaska dreaming to see. I didn't dream it ladies and gentlemen- I lived it.

Curtis in the horseshoe competition, with a form like that you'd really think he'd take the champion seat.

The red solo cup float, not my favorite but still note worthy.
The bubble gum bubble contest 
PS I tried uploading more and better pictures but it wouldn't load or save so this will have to do.

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  1. I miss you!!!!! I want to spend the fourth in Gustavus!