Wednesday, July 4, 2012


On this globe there is a dot named Gustavus Alaska. In this dot this there is a little nomad. Which is me. How is it I ended up in this little town where the side walk ends? The Lindbloms generously  invited me to come work at their lodge here and I anxiously accepted.
Gustavus is... different. Unless you're Andy Griffith then it's home sweet home. Except that Sheriff Andy couldn't eek out a living here because they don't have any law enforcement. Recently they built a fire station in reaction to a forest fire and apparently this is their  resource for all emergencies. Gustavus Alaska has two paved roads- one going from the airport to the national park and another stemming off of that going down to the dock; therefore, Gustavus has no stop lights. It would seem that the population of Gustavus is capable of containing/ restraining themselves without the aid of deputies and blinking lights. Everyone seems to be possessed of common sense; everyone that is, except me.
Last week as I was frolicking about the meadow when Boyd (another employee/ friend of the Lindbloms) suddenly screeched to a halt with the golf-cart-thing next to me and asked me:
"Do you have bear spray with you?"
"Uhhhhhhhhhh," I was afraid the truth would get me in trouble, "no but I was just on my way back to the lodge."
At this reply Jim Lindblom had instructed him to drag me back so he suggested "want me to drive you back?"
If I had said no, what would he have done? His instructions to bring me back were pretty clear. In any case, I replied "Yes and thank you."
Where I had be Frolicking

After this I thought it prudent to have a chit chat with Jim and Carla about my boundaries. So a couple days latter I asked Carla "what are my boundaries?" She spoke with Jim, then called me into the office and we had a sit down talk about where my lines are drawn. It was good to have it out. If I had a camera I would show you the places I'm allowed to bike to independently. It is so beautiful here!!! I can hardly believe the masterpieces that are constantly before my eyes.
The other kids here like to laugh about 'my boundaries'. They jovially admonish me to stay in my parameters and suggest getting a shock collar. I laugh along, but the truth is they have the same boundaries as me they just didn't give their enclose a name as I have done. I never bring it up of course: I don't want to wound their pride.
Here are some pictures of Alaska from Hannah's camera:

The lovely inn work where I work

While hiking we saw 3 bears on this island
Halibut Fishing
Thess symbols of freedom fly around like a common pigeon up here. I never ceased to be amazed by seeing them.
Anne, Hannah, Yours Truly

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  1. I love it! Boundaries make the world a better place and keep more people alive. I am glad that knight of a boy came and saved you from who knows what. The place looks beautiful! I want to come visit. I feel a huge desire to see the fire station. Sounds like a bug attraction! Miss your face