Sunday, August 21, 2011

Make ME!

Do you know what irks me? Every time I go to make a new post the first thing I am prompted to do is make a title. How can I be expected to think of a title before I've written anything? Also, I'm sorely handicapped when it comes to making titles. The title portion of my brain never developed properly due to brain hypoxia inflicted in the pool by a sibling (who shall remain nameless) who tried to drown me on numerous occasions.
While I'm on the subject of family- Thursday the 11th was my dad's birthday. My sisters Jill and Cheryl thought that it would be grand to surprise him by showing up at his weekly basketball game to cheer him on and then take him out to lunch. They were right-, it was grand. I took pictures of the occasion- very nice ones too- but I can't figure out how to get them onto my parent’s computer. It doesn't seem like a daunting task so just trust me, it is.
Weekend before last my pals Alicia, Ashley, and Sara went to my cabin so we could do baptisms for the dead at the Snowflake temple. It was so wonderful to be able to go to the temple up in the mountains. Heck, it's great just to be in the mountains. I had a lot of fun. Fortunately I have pictures of this occasion through Alicia's forethought in bringing her camera and generosity in emailing me the pictures. Sbacebo Alicia.
Unfortunatley, I have not figured out how to rotate pictures.  (Ashley, Me, Sara)
Nor can I shrink pictures. This is Alicia
More of us Beautiful girls at the Temple.

This is us watching the sunset on the roof while drinking my parents hidden/ forbidden stash of postum. I remember why I never cared for it as a child.

Since my last post I have been busy doing many mundane things. I can't recall most of what it is and don't feel like giving it a lot of detail so here's the quick overview. I had my eyes dilated. And it felt scary.
I've been cleaning houses for my dad. Last week I spent a night at my sister Cheryl's house so she could go out of town with her husband Dave. I always fear spending too much time with my nephews and nieces because I can't be really nice ALL the time. I fear I may have lost some points in likability and it's going to be tough to get it back.
Last Sunday in Singles Ward while giving the announcements Brother Neilson asked me to come up and chorister. I pointed at my forehead to confirm that he meant me and not some other Katy/Clara. He meant me. I vaguely remember volunteering to lead the music if the chorister wasn't there. But I volunteer for stuff all the time and it's very hard to keep track of what I say I'll do. Moral of the story is: learn the lessons from your parents that they've been laboring to teach you from before (like leading music) and never volunteer for anything unless you actually know how to do it. You may think, they'll never really ask me to do it anyways; or I'll be gone before they can hold that against me. Wrong! 

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