Sunday, July 31, 2011

Vasa the word wiz

I like to include pictures in my blog but I'm not very good at reminding myself that my camera is collecting dust in disgust. So instead I will try to paint a picture with my words. Blah- haha, fat chance!
Today after church Vasa changed out of his Sunday clothes and was probably listening to his children's Russian music CD while in his room. You can always tell when Vasa's been listening to that CD because he begins to attempt to impress us with his foreign vocabulary. Case in point:
Vas walks upstairs after changing his clothes.
Me- How goes it Vasa?
Vasa- What? (Furrowed brow and squinty eyes)
Me- How goes it?
Vasa- Oh, you're speaking your Italian.
Me- What?
Vasa- your Italian.
Me- it's just a question Vasa so just answer it.
Vasa- хорошо
Me- Vasa, I'm speaking English so just answer the question naturally.
Vasa- Я сказал, что буду хорошим
Me- I'm glad you’re doing good.
Oh Vasa, you dear sweet boy.

Well, I have been home for a week and it feels like seven. But I love it! I love swimming every day, collecting skin cancer, jumping on the tramp with my nephews and nieces, arguing with my brothers, cleaning the cat litter, and taking my time. Do you remember what it feels like to take your time? To just say- I could rust through this, but I think I'll really make a difference and do this right. I forgot what that feels like but I'm relearning.

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