Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Love's Labour- totally worth it!

Love. There is nothing sweeter purer, or more prevalent in everything from the mass media to our every day thoughts. It is in the opera, tis in the R & B, woven into the movies, shadowed in our paintings, masked in our faces, played out in our novels, and strung into our conversations. It illuminates those who have found it. Those who seek it are like a thirsty orchid in a plentiful rain forest- denying the plenty of the land to quench it’s parched  lips. And those who have lost it are like the eagle once ruling the sky then finding itself trapped in a cage with a glass ceiling.
Friends, my lot has been that of the captive eagle, until now. I was blissfully reunited with my true love only just yester eve. That’s right the truck and I have found each other again and rekindled or passion for one another’s company. After years of being in the cab of another (Skippy), I have found my soul mate again. I must confess I had hoped to find myself in my lover’s driver seat much sooner; but alas, this was not to be as my brother was going through some drama with his own truck, forcing me to watch as my heart’s keeper was driven by another.
Then yester day these words came from my father: “would you like to take the truck and go get Vasa from practice?”
Would I like to paint a masterpiece, meet George Washington, have lunch with President Monson, and play tag on the moon? Thousand times yes! Oh sweet mercy for giving me back this gem I had lost.  
As we pulled out the first steps were somewhat timid and haltering (actually it was the transmission) but things were just like old times. And I hope it always stays that way between us.
Please ignore the fact that I can't pose and just enjoy the splender of the truck with me. 


  1. you look good in that truck!! whoop whoop hot hot hot

  2. Clara I can see a glow in you that can only be attributed to your true love truck. Amazing. I need a truck.