Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Wretched Book of Faces

Last week as I was indexing at apartment #9 comrade Izzy bemoaned "you know I have all these pictures of you from ward activities but I can't tag you because you don't have facebook."
Alas my weakness was discovered. That very night I reunited with my long lost addiction. I was conquered. I was vanquished. My love of pictures of, well, myself... AND others. But mostly myself- has overcome a solid year of being a anti facebook fantastic. But now what self respecting cyber socializing novice will speak to me? I am left to the vices of conterfeit socializing.
On the bright side I did reunite with some great friends and get a lot of pictures. Please reminisce with me as I peruse my newly acquired treasures:
Utah Nursing Trip

Utah Nursing Trip

It may seem that our FHE group isjust ignoring each other but actually we are Indexing, a very noble cause indeed 

My ward hike. This is the beginning of the snake river, er that's what they told me.

Nursing Utah Trip

Utah Nursing Trip

Utah Nursing Trip

Taryn's Bridal Shower. As an entertainer this was one of my finer moments

Ward activity. I'm so glad I participate in these kind of things

Nursing Utah Trip. Look at those girls- aren't they cute!


  1. Graduating and getting married makes me miss out on fun things!

  2. p.s. i like the fish at the bottom of each post!