Sunday, June 12, 2011

Decades!!! Why must I love you so?

So this week I went to Utah for a mandatory Nursing trip. I forgot my camera so I have no real evidence of the event. Sometimes I awaken in a cold sweat and wonder, did it really happen, or is it a phantom day dream?
No! It did happen and I bought a dress as proof. I really intended to just browse, which is a piece of cake at the mall. Then Decades happened. Something about vintage clothing and the smell of moth balls makes my wallet pop out of my hand.

Anyways here's the dress I found. I Googled the tag (Cofa's Closest) and found out it's from the 70's. Tender.


  1. i love love love this dress! You look hot! Where it if spoon comes and visits you in arizona. hehehe

  2. Katie, that statement is slightly scandalous and I'm relieved that no one reads my blog!